Spending Summary - 2019 - 20

8th November 2019 to 7th November 2020

JustUs supported 148 people from 82 households for the year with 137 people reaching a positive housing outcome.

The total spending can be summarised as follows:

  • Casework costs including caseworkers’ holiday pay, caseworkers’ professional supervisions, new caseworker inductions, research, and training £29,438.61.
  • Giving information to professionals and members of the public £1,497.25
  • Purchasing furniture and household goods £3,139.68
  • Training costs including admin, development, delivery, accreditation (hours worked) and external trainer costs £2,929.60.
  • Promoting better practice (hours worked) £770.62.
  • Administration costs including hours worked, stationery, postage, Microsoft Office, website hosting, professional registrations, Facebook ads and Zoom subscription £3,248.57.
  • Streamlining JustUs’ data protection (hours worked) £506.25.
  • Safeguarding (hours worked) £517.50.
  • IT equipment £84.76
  • Travel and parking £995.16
  • Insurance £402.00
  • Client ID costs £235.25
  • Miscellaneous including room hire and the purchase of reference books £384.04.

Total spending £44,149.29

This means that JustUs gets someone a positive housing outcome for every £215 it spends on casework.

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For more information about the support and advice that we can offer, email us at info@justus.org.uk.
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