Covid-19 Policy 16th April 2020

How JustUs is affected?

JustUs staff and trustees have necessarily stopped the majority of its face to face operation and all other activity relating to fundraising, governance, administration and training workshops until further notice.

Our core activity will be continuing as normal with the following contingencies and response to the developing needs of the sector

Casework and advocacy

JustUs will continue to take referrals

The existing operational model allows agile working and most of our clients can be supported without us needing to have a face to face contact

Where it is essential for a face to face contact will take place, all risk will be managed in adherence to social distancing guidelines.

JustUs will be able to gain consent to data share remotely. Please see for our privacy notice.


All JustUs training has been postponed

There is a wealth of information available online which we will be encouraging as many people as possible to access this.

JustUs will consistently review new policy and will work to practically implement decisions as they are made.

JustUs will be able to offer guidance to others and respond to enquiries.


JustUs is looking to work with other agencies to ensure that people receive the statutory assistance owed to them when affected by homelessness and will work to highlight areas of concern and address issues that arise as required.

Much of this will be through our social media campaigns, blog posts and Facebook group ‘Better Homelessness Practice’

JustUs will continue to find the most effective use of resources to end homelessness and see people housed safely.

JustUs will use the opportunities provided by the current situation to further promote our values and long-term solutions to homelessness.

What will JustUs be doing to respond to the Covid-19 crisis?

In addition to the continuation of service provision, JustUs will be able to operate alongside partners in order to manage and mitigate the potential for increased risk to vulnerable people

Offer expert advice – Our caseworkers will be available to offer support to individuals and organisations through our normal referral routes

Work with agencies to support clients who have been referred to us. Please email to discuss making a referral.

Basic training for volunteers on GDPR, adult and child safeguarding – Please enquire for more information

Identified needs

Since the escalation of restrictions JustUs has received a much larger number of referrals and have recognised the following areas that are likely to require an increased amount of response in the coming weeks

  • Collecting medications for those who are self-isolating, including controlled medications.
  • Accessing GP surgeries, particularly for those who are not currently registered anywhere.
  • Limited access to resources for essential items for individuals as they move into their new home.
  • Difficulty in getting hold of relevant professionals due to the changes in service provision and increased staff sickness / home-working.

For more information please email us on

Contact Us

For more information about the support and advice that we can offer, email us at
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