Previous Feedback

Average scores from previous feedback

How would you rate the delivery by the trainers? 97.2%

How would you rate the expertise of the trainers? 98.6%

How would you rate the course materials? 93.8%

How would you rate the timings of the day? 95.9%

How would you rate the use of breaks through the day? 95.1%

How would you rate the group activities 90.3%

How would you rate the slides? 93.1%

How would you rate the communication around the day? 97.9%

What have people said about the training?

‘It is brilliant training opportunities and it was very useful to examine case studies and recognise the issues from different perspectives.’ – Local Authority Housing Officer

‘Really useful – the first time I’ve really understood a lot of what I’ve been seeing in housing letters for many years as a GP’ – Doctor

‘[The best parts were the] 5 Criteria for assessing homelessness, how to bolster information of a disability if that person were to became homeless and asking for written record for reason for decisions’ – DWP Benefits assessor

‘Lots of information to take but all incredibly useful and stuff that I wish I’d known before.’ – Criminal Justice worker

‘Perfect balance of amount of info on the slides with the information that was shared vocally, great to have the packs beforehand to refer to, really useful to have so many actual case studies with names etc. – much easier to remember in the long term. Was also great to be able to talk to the trainer in the break and really useful to get some book recommendations.’ – Housing First worker

‘Oh my, just realising how much more there is to know and if you know it, then how you can help change situations and outcomes is fantastic. I want to learn all of this really well. Thanks for putting it out there’ – Soup Run volunteer